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Data Networks Planning Data Center / Server Room Builds Structured Cabling Active Component Services

We have more than two decades of experience in building Data Centers some of which are highly complexed Data Centers for Internet Service Providers and Communications service providers for local and international clientele.

Our services include from simple Structured Cable infrastructures to complex Data Centers consisting of raised floors, fail safe air-conditioning, physical and logical security, server rack installations, active and passive components integration from Planning to Implementation.

Data Networks Planning

Data Networks aren’t simple things to build. Because they can cost the organization through the roof if not properly planned. We have come across many a times organizations that have paid huge sums of money for very poorly build infrastructures where their ROI is in the negative and we have also seen organizations who have spent the minimal initially but due to poor design they keep paying humungous amount of money on maintain them.

At Svasti, we will ensure that we don’t attempt to build anything without planning. Need assessment and resource assessment is the key to begin with. Our assessment of resources include people in addition to IT resources. Then with a short-term network plan we will advance to medium to long term planning with one key thing in mind. ROI. Our planning then will put out a clear-cut blue print for operations and maintenance so that the same would not eat in to your investment.

We will take you through proven methods and best practices in Data Network Planning be it LAN or WAN in a very systematic approach to:

Toplogical Design: In simple language, this means we will decide where to place what components based on the needs of your business. Optimisation would be our secret here so that unnecessary costs are avoided but focused upon the end user benefit.

Network synthesis: Again, in simple language this means that we will decide the size of those components (outcome of topology) in relation to the required/expected performance factors such as speed, throughput, quality of service etc.

Network Realization: The process where you will be enlightened with the capacity requirements factors such as reliability, business continuity, provision for expansion medium to long term so that your investment is well protected and that there is no “IT ambiguity”.

So, talk to us and most of the time we offer free consulting to serious clients. It costs nothing to ask!

Building Data Centers / Server Rooms

Structured Cabling be it Fiber or Copper

Be it Fiber or Copper our expertise can deliver cable plants that are installed to the highest international standards with no compromises in any part. Our key strength is our experience and we don’t take the customer to experiment with knowledge only approach.

Active Component Services

We will help you to source, acquire, install and configure from the highly complicated market out there. We undertake regular operations and maintenance as an outsourced service so that your organization don’t have to take the high costs of hi-tech staff but hire us only at a fraction of that cost with the added benefit of that you sleep well in the night.

Our services include attending to problems even before you realize that there is a problem in your network. Thanks to our proactive alarm systems and auto detecting of device health all combined in to our mobile phones 24/7/365!

We will not only build infrastructure but operate and maintain them for you.

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