about us

We are a total Managed IT Service provider based in Sri Lanka. Our solutions are tailored and flexible. We walk the talk – and we have the customer references to prove it.Our approach to technology is one that is central on innovation. “Innovation” is used quite often and in different contexts. To us, innovation is the bridge between the way things have always been done and what comes next. It’s the vision to do something different and something better.


Tell us about what you want done, how you want it and when. We encourage crazy ideas.


We will then tell you that your ideas are crazy, and tell you how we will get them done.


Our experienced architects both functional and technical will give you a hands on demo on what you will be getting.


Once we shake on it, we begin development and deliver work completed on time, every time.

At Svasti we make solutions for innovators. It is flexible and easy to build on, and gives people the tools and freedom to try new ideas. Doing something new can seem scary at first, and it is often messy. But sometimes the only way to break through is to dive in headfirst. Our insightful and high impact solutions equip our customers with added intelligence in growing their business. Driving Innovation – Svasti offers a powerful partnership for firms looking for an extra edge to their business, to make them stand apart from the industry. Our customized technology solutions deploy intelligent solutions at every level. Results - Focused as a technology solutions partner, we understand your need to justify your expenditure on technology solutions and we demonstrate high impact results of our interventions in clear quantifiable terms which display just how much value we add to your business. Domain Expertise - Svasti Technology operates only in those sectors in which it is the strongest and therefore you can be sure that when you avail of one of our services, we offer you best in class solutions backed by deep domain expertise which will enhance your standing in the industry. Value Partner - Svasti offers clients unbeatable value and service, which makes us a cost efficient partner who understands your need for speed and efficiency. We deliver high impact solutions in a timely manner, leveraging on the wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise we possess in-house. Client Focused Team - Our integrated support services are led by a dynamic team of technology solution veterans, experts in their own rights in their field of expertise. Extremely customer-focused, our team achieves set targets and goals with remarkable ease and skill.