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Forensic Audits

Our services in Forensic Accounting and Audits are mainly for those who suspect fraudulent activities, asset misappropriations general misuse of assets such as vehicles, fabricated claims and/or corruption in any form in their business entities. We are specialized in IT and therefore investigations in to your existing ERP’s, Operational or Management Information Systems within your day to day business processes could be done by us quite decisively without the knowledge of your staff.

If your organization is not using automation for your accounting and audits we have online or on- premise infrastructure that could be deployed on pay-for- service basis. You don’t have to invest in any expensive hardware or software to get up and running in no time as our expertise will simply put in all necessary systems, processes and procedures in place for you.

How sure are you of your existing accounting, financial or management information reports? Whether they are being produced by your internal accountants or outside audits have you ever verified them for any given financial year? Have they really captured all your VAT inputs, Advance Settlements, Over payments, Under collections, Order processing, Inventory transactions etc. etc. accurately? You would be astoundingly surprised if you hear some of our success stories in capturing vast amount of inaccuracies in this area of investigations carried out by us.

The methodologies that we deploy in order to investigate in to your automated/manual business processes are highly advanced and combines the latest technologies available in telematics, surveillance systems, intelligent software that intrudes and probes in to transactions, and human investigators deployed as red teams.

Be it a one-off post investigation or you want to setup automation that would prevent such frauds call us in for a free discussion and you will be amazed to hear what we have in store for you. Unfortunately, we cannot publicly advertise or publish them on websites for obvious reasons.

It however, costs nothing to ask!

Outsourced Accounting

Whether it be simple book-keeping or Advanced Accounting you can have a peace of mind and outsource the activity to us. We will use our own IT infrastructure at our premises, deployed at your premises or give you access to our systems online and get your accounting going at a fraction of the cost otherwise that you may spend if you plan to do it all with your business that may well eat in to your profits, let alone the management hassle.

You have a backlog of transaction to clear? No problem, we undertake such work to perform on one- time basis.

We are not deploying only systems at your premise but they will be installed together with our staff, so that you have no management hassle in managing IT and Accountants. We have accounting staff at all levels starting from very senior charted accountants down to data entry staff who need no training and therefore would take a jump start.

We will do your order taking via telephone, email or any other mechanism. Process the order, produce the Invoice and follow up until provisioning. We can process Sales, Purchases, Inventory tracking, Banking, Payments, Collections and any other business process that can be outsourced.

Book Keeping

This is an online service that we provide day-to- day and month-on- month service. Use of it is pretty simple where we collect your source documents via courier, mail or scanned documents transported via our ftp server or via a storage service such as Dropbox.

We cover all transactions pertaining to Invoicing and Accounts Receivable, Supplier Orders and Accounts Payable, Nominal Ledger, Inventory, Bank Reconciliations, Credit Card Sales, Imports & Export Indents, Letter of Credits, Item Costing and any other that may even fall outside book keeping yet that may be relevant to your business. We are not traditional book based book keepers but modern transaction busters who use sheer automation technologies that are available in order to give you a superior transaction processing service that is well beyond “keeping books”.

Talk to us, you will be amazed of our real value for money solutions no matter how big or small your organization is. Our primary transaction trackers have a very high data entry accuracy and an eye for detail that ensures timely delivery of your monthly reports as you want them.

What’s more, we have the ability to scan your source documents and clip them digitally to your transactions and provide you with instant access to both the transaction and the source/supporting documents via web (online) or even delivered to your mobile phone/device when you want it. We guarantee security of your information and 100% uptime storage availability for as long as you want us to safekeep your data and information or we will offload them to your preferred storage platform.

Our book keepers and accountants are certified and qualified and have excellent knowledge in many computerized accounting systems such as Intuit QuickBooks, Sage, MYOB, Zero, etc. and even ERPs such as IFS and SAP. So, if your organization have implemented these systems or using them on cloud yet need experienced hands to do the transaction entry/processing work, you can simply hire our staff, with no obligation for long term contracts.

Contact us now and find out how much money we can save you on your business!


Are you in a deadlock with your computerized accounting system, ERP, Inventory Management, Sales Force Automation or any automated operational system? Then, you are not alone. Many medium to large companies have invested huge sums of money in their computer systems and often have miscalculated their ROI. They even engage external “big brand named” audit firms and business advisory services and fall in to the same situation.

Here is what we can do. We will not propose that you change any of your existing systems but we will bridge the gap. Our advance plugin software will provide a bridge between your legacy system/Database, creep in to any depth (no illegal hacks) and synchronize your data to a much open platform and provide you with that exact management report you always wanted but your legacy system cannot produce it due its own limitations or they are asking for far too much money for that upgrade.

Yes, you will be amazed of the results we can produce presumably at 1/3 rd of the cost that your current application vendor is asking for.