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Our Solution for Small-Medium Businesses

Capture, accumulate, organize, and process transactions of an organization and then producing reports based on that transactional information to empower management to make well informed decisions is what an “ERP” or “Automated Accounting System” is all about.

Accounting Systems cover your day to day business transactions such as Sales Invoicing, Purchases, Payments, Receipts, Inventory, Imports, Banking etc., whilst ERP Systems may extend further to production planning, material management, human resource management etc.

Many Small Medium Businesses suffer when they want to automate (“computerize”) their accounting, finance or “ERP”. Enterprise Resource Planning, “ERP” is not only relevant to big enterprises but it is extremely useful for Small-Medium businesses, if indeed the solutions are affordable to them. The COTS (“Common off-the shelf”) packages available in the market today are bundled with humungous features (therefore expensive) that your businesses really don’t need. On the other hand, they lack the features or exact outputs that you really desire forcing you to find workarounds.

At Svasti Technology, this is exactly what we focus upon. We tailor-make solutions that are affordable to any business and we deliver only what your business really requires together with fully customized reporting and additional system interfaces that you may wish to have, thanks to our state of the art “middleware” that is capable of talking to any legacy applications’ databases.

We will work on your existing Systems, whether it be a COTS package or a custom solution and completely modernize your systems and processes to a point where you will use your mobile device to control your business. If you haven’t got a system yet but wish to acquire a new system then we can provide a complete turnkey solution too.

Systems Implementation Support

Svasti Technology having decades of experience in implementing variety of accounting systems from the era of “accounting machines” to modern day “systems on cloud” can offer you the best of consulting and implementation support to either implement from scratch or modernize your existing accounting, financial systems using world renowned application systems; Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Finance for the enterprises, Intuit Fast Track Are you looking for a new Accounting System? Are you stuck with a system you have acquired because it doesn’t deliver what you want? Are you looking for an extension to your existing package or simply some customized reports? Are you looking for implementation support or support on continuous basis? Are you looking to modernize your systems without really compromising what you already have?Are you looking to jump on Internet of Things? Quickbooks, Xero to name a few but indeed we are independent of any brand.

Elevating you to Business Intelligence Platforms

Our unique selling preposition is where we can offer you an implausible extension of these industry standard applications by way of extracting data from these applications to open database platforms in real-time so that we would produce fully customized reports that aren’t available in the licensed applications. Not only reports, in some circumstances we can even integrate your online shopping mall or provide customized user interfaces that will seamlessly work with your licensed applications.

Delivering these extensions will be via our business intelligence dashboards accessible by you from anywhere, anytime, any device such as your Smartphone! Live Reports, Snippets, Info- graphs, Alarms and Alerts scheduled or otherwise on the go!

Our Pinnacle offer – Internet of Things

This is our ultimate goal. We wish to introduce Internet of Things (IOT), our passion and our dream, to traditional businesses so that we empower your business whilst also empowering your customers to reap every benefit of IOT. Talk to us. We can investigate in to your manufacturing, logistics, distribution, machinery usage, vehicles, retail POS, or even your customers’ behavior and propose how IOT can give you a super powered edge in your business. You will be amazed how modern technologies can boost your business!​

Talk to us and we will share with you our Success Stories!