Mobile Apps

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Today, individuals and companies are extending their services to the mobile applications beyond the levels of desktop computing and wired connections. Wireless and Mobile technologies are expanding the boundaries of traditional software applications.

Mobile Internet service prices are bound to drop eventually due to increasing market competition, increasing the possibilities of mobile internet user. Catering to their demands, Bountylab develops innovative mobile applications, m-commerce online shops and many other mobile solutions that cut costs, boost productivity, and generate new revenues for the organizations.


Apple Inc. has undoubtedly been a dominating market player when it comes to the design and development of mobile apps, thereby completely changing the way we connect to one another – including our business correspondences and transactions. As one of the leading providers for iPhone app development services in Sri Lanka, Svasti has been consistently producing iPhone apps that are of world class standard for the purpose of making operations in business organizations across various industries more easy, quick and productive.


Brought to you by the commercial giant Google, the Android operating system is now widely used by numerous gadgets and their manufacturers around the globe. Svasti’s team of mobile app specialists are well-trained to devise apps for this operating system too, thereby producing improved levels of cutting-edge accessibility and ease of use for businesses.


The award winning Windows Mobile operating system has been developed by Microsoft, which is a leading brand for operating systems for most desktops and laptops today. With in-depth expertise in designing and developing mobile apps using Windows Mobile SDK and Microsoft Visual Studio, Svasti’s team of experts are renowned to deliver a wide range of Windows Mobile Applications that are fast, compatible and efficient.


Hybrid mobile applications are built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and than wrapped in a native container which loads most of the information on the page as the user navigates through the application. Hybrid apps wins at its portability with build once and run on any of the mobile platforms e.g. : Android , iOS & Windows which turn out to be faster go to market as well as cost effective upfront development capital.

Benefits of hybrid app development is we can function whether or not the device is connected, Integrate with a device’s file system and Integration with Web-based services. And mainly it has an embedded browser to improve access to dynamic online content. A hybrid app is one that combines components of both native and Web applications. As Hybrid app development company, Svasti ensure to give quality hybrid application with best user experience. The benefits to building a hybrid mobile app for your business are many: they use skills that most of the mobile app front-end developers already have, and only requires one version of app, that will run anywhere, on any device, which means it will run on any platform. As a hybrid app development company we ensure that the process of coding and deploying a hybrid app is faster, costive effective and maintainable , especially when dealing with simpler apps.