Software Development

Architecture Development Technologies Testing & QA Modernisation/Salvaging Legacy Systems

Svasti provides software solutions that will best fit in your business to improve your efficiency, performance and profits. Our custom software solutions assist your organization to optimize your business processes cost effectively without compromising on the performance like budget, quality and time. We can help you with both bespoke software development, custom software based products developments and extensions.


We engage best of the systems Architects from the industry depending on what Architecture Pattern that your Application requires. You don’t have to worry if you don’t know what pattern to select, let us choose that for you depending on your business needs on short-medium-long term basis. Whether it be Layered, Client-Server, Pipe-filter, Event-Bus or Multi-View-Controller, have no fear for we have sound experience in designing systems that are not only efficient but cost effective too.


Our developers are multi skilled, jack of all trades whilst we also have specialists dedicated to more serious stuff. They all have one characteristic in common and that is to develop the most efficient code within a reasonable time frame without compromising quality and delivering to customer satisfaction.


  • Code     :      C, C++,C#, Java, Php, JS
  • Frameworks     :      .NET, J2EE, Laravel
  • Databases     :      MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, Progress
  • Web Platforms     :      Apache, IIS
  • Operating Platforms     :      Unix, Ultrix, Linux, Windows

Testing & QA

We are ensuring our clients the completeness of QA manual testing with high level test plan that leads to a set of important test cases. We prepare the detailed test cases using best manual testing tools for identifying the clear and concise steps to execute with their expected outcomes and snapshots. We covered major functional, non functional Software Testing & Quality Assurance Services in Sri Lanka including acceptance and fitness of the system under test, its security and usability among other things. Our skilled tester also provides the end to end as well as browser compatibility testing of the application.

Modernisation/ Salvaging Legacy Systems